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Google Bldg CL2
1200 Crittenden Ln
Moutain View, CA 94034`



WebPerfDays.org Silicon Valley 2013 is being held inside Google Bldg CL2.  This map provides directions to WebPerfDays.org Silicon Valley 2013 on the Google Mountain View campus in Google Bldg CL2 - 1200 Crittenden Ln, Mountain View, CA, 94043.

Please note that you will need to park on the backside of the buildings (highlighted in blue; "P" symbol) which is accessed by a driveway which is North, past Crittenden Ln.  The parking area marked in RED will be closed.  The route green higlights the footpath to the building and the rear entrance  See the map below.  You will not be able to enter via the main entrance.  The Crittenden Ln parking lot will not be accessible (highlighted in red).

Remember, lunch will be held outside on the patio and while the weather is expected to be clear and sunny, it may be advisable to bring a sweater or light jacket in case of a strong breeze or unexepected chill. The patio is mostly covered with plenty of shade.

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