WebPerfDays uses a mixed format that combines formal presentations, ignite sessions, and the open spaces format.  For more information on the format, click here.

Schedule for Saturday, October 11, 2014

09:00AM - 09:30AM
/ Registration
09:30AM - 09:40AM
Welcome & Introduction
09:40AM - 10:10AM
Vitaly Friedman - Smashing Magazine
10:10AM - 10:40AM
Simon Hearne - NCC group
Third Parties – The Story of a Villain

This talk will show you the real performance of third parties on some of the most popular sites on the web, and what effect they are actually having on site performance. Who are the real villains in web performance and how can we kick their asses?

10:40AM - 10:55AM
Coffee break
10:55AM - 11:10AM
Introduction Open Spaces sessions
11:10PM - 11:50PM
Open Spaces Session #1
11:50PM - 11:55PM
11:55PM - 12:35PM
Open Spaces Session #2
12:35PM - 1:35PM
1:35PM - 2:05PM
Hooman Behesti - Fastly
How CDNs should be an extension of your app and not a black box
2:05PM - 2:35PM
Peter Hedenskog - Sitespeed.io
Integrating performance into continuous delivery
2:35PM - 3:05PM
Tobias Baldauf - Akamai
Advanced Image Compression Techniques

Image assets are a major impediment to page load times. Best practices for common image compression have been evangelized. To further reduce image bytesize, we have to get creative: discover how to apply lossy compression to lossless formats, automatically detect good compression levels, and learn how disciplines like computer vision and machine learning can help us to improve image compression

3:05PM - 3:45PM
Open Spaces Session #3
3:50PM - 3:55PM
3:55PM - 4:40PM
Open Spaces Session #4
4:40PM - 5:00PM
Final words from the organisation